All Day Bra Styles You Need to Carry

All Day Bra Styles You Need to Carry

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a woman can never have too many bras. Allocating a specific budget to bra shopping is as important as it is to spend a good fortune on your daily outfits in order to look chic and put together. The choice of right underwear can make or break a look. However, the vast variety of bra variants available in the market can seriously overwhelm any individual. While lace and silk would attract you, using them on a day to day basis is not an option. Then how do you choose your perfect all day bra? Let us break it for you!

Out of all the available options in the market, here are some absolute must-haves for women of all ages. Whether you’re a corporate professional, a teacher or a stay-at-home-mom these bra styles would not only offer you a seamless fuller look but would also provide you all day comfort and an enhanced sex appeal.

#1 The Famous T-Shirt Bra

Just like every girl has got one favourite t-shirt in her stash that she always keep getting back to, a t-shirt bra is a staple in a woman’s closet. Net, satin, silk and lace for sure add glitz and glam in your collection but when you want some reliable support a simple seamless t-shirt bra with maximum coverage is what you need.

While a t-shirt bra is the most popular and widely available style available in the market, there are multiple variants to it as well. T-shirt bras come in lightly padded, magic under-wired and gentle push up options. Take your pick according to your breast shape and your outfit of the day. Most t-shirt bras offer maximum coverage, minimising look and seamless finish. Thus, they are good to go underneath snug dresses, fit t-shirts and even cocktail dresses.

#2 Demi Cup Bras with Padded Support

For women wanting the optimal lift without compromising on the all-day comfort, a demi cup bra with padded push up support is the way to go. This design of bra is specifically perfect for women who feel self-conscious about saggy or imbalanced breasts. The light padding would extend support and make your breasts appear fuller. The demi cup style offers a sexy neckline and would look good under all sorts of shirts.

The push up bras are usually notorious for being extremely uncomfortable and difficult to pull off for more than 3-4 hours. But, these style of bras provide the complete support of a push up bra with the comfort of an everyday t-shirt bra.

#3 The One with Foam-lined Cups

If you aren’t one to feel comfortable in underwired bras and poking irritating bras are a serious no-no for you, then the Bali bra style is a god-sent for you. This style of bra offers maximum lift and support but instead of an underwire, the cups are foam-lined to perk up your girls in a relaxing manner.

This style of bra would make an excellent choice of underwear under your deep V-neck blouses or dresses with plunging necklines.

#4 The Chic Bralette

The twin sister to the Kardashian clan made famous bandeaus, a bralette is an absolute must-have for women who like flaunting their innerwear. A glamorous underwear would boost your confidence like nothing else. Bralettes are designed keeping in mind both their sex appeal and comforting support. This style of bra would be a perfect choice of underwear for a day on beach or a pool party when you’re planning to flaunt your body.

If bohemian chic is your style of outfits, then this bra style would be the most used item in your closet.

#5 The Cooling Sports Bra

Although the name suggest that a sports bra is designed for someone who likes to break a sweat and stay active but really anyone who is looking for lasting comfort in a bra should get one. The most popular built – a racerback of a sports bra is specifically designed to stay put and this keeps you stress free all day long. An added perk of sports bra is that they provide the ultimate fit and support since they are specifically made for active women.

If you live in humid climate conditions, a cooling sports bra would make an excellent everyday comfort bra. Try it now and thank us later!

The bottom line is, spending on your underwear is an investment that would garner you more than just a piece of garment. The right bra would make you feel confident and bold. At the same time, you would feel that you don’t have that typical love-hate relationship with your bras anymore. Bras only feel uncomfortable when they are not the right fit for you. But following our suggestions, expand your collection of all day comfortable bras and never have a dull day again.

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