Bra Basics You Need to Know Before You Buy a Bra

Bra Basics You Need to Know Before You Buy a Bra

Uncomfortable, irritating, biting, itchy – have these been the adjectives you usually associate with a bra? Do you find yourself constantly looking at the clock to get home – just so that you can get rid of the bra as soon as you enter your house? If your answer to all these questions have been a resounding yes then the chances are that you have been wearing the wrong bra all along!

Doesn’t matter if you are in your teens, tweens or you a badass diva in your 40s or 50s, victims of ill-fitting bras can be spotted at any age. A shocking study revealed that above 60% women fail to find a bra, which is right fit, shape and size for them. Probably this happens because most women don’t know how to measure themselves. Others fail to find a style, which is perfect for their body shape.

In case you have been struggling to find a bra that is as comfortable for you as your trustee ol’ pair of jeans, ensure that you are wearing the right size. For the correct measurements you can visit a good undergarments store and get yourself measured. Good lingerie stores usually have trained experts to help women determine their right size. However, if you feel shy or going to store simply isn’t an option, you can always take your measurements yourself.


How to measure your bra size?

Measuring your bra size yourself might appear a little intimidating to the beginners. However, it is not as difficult as it might appear to some. For the perfect fitting bra, you need to determine three things:

1- Your band size
2- Your bust measurements
3- Determine your cup size

#1 How to measure the bra band size

Ideally, you should be standing in front of a full-length mirror. Take a measuring tape and pull it around your chest. The measuring tape should be placed just below the armpits. The grip of the tape around you should be firm but it shouldn’t be too tight. If you pull it too tight, your bra band would be a little too snug. In case you hold it too loose, the bra band wouldn’t fit properly and you would not get the desired shape. A firm grip is what you need; no pulling, no tugging. The number you get is your band size. If the measurement is in odd number, round it up.

#2 Measure Your Bust Size

For the second step, hold the measuring tape to the fullest part of your chest. This is your bust measurement. It will help you deduct your cup size.

#3 How to Measure Your Bra Cup Size

For the final part, subtract your band size from your bust measurements. The difference you get would determine your cup size. For instance, if the difference is of 3 inches, you would be a “C” cup. The complete measurement chart is given above.


Bra Fitting

Choosing the right size of bra doesn’t depend only on measuring yourself. When it comes to comfortable bra shopping, there are other factors you need to consider as well. Let’s go through them one by one.

#1 There is No Such Thing as a Standard Cup Size

Unlike the popular belief, the cup sizes doesn’t remain similar across all the band sizes. For instance, if you are a 36C, and you go up in the band size, you will not automatically shift to 38C. A “C” cup of 36” band size would be different than the “C” of 38”. Therefore, each time you feel like your bra size might have changed, don’t take rough estimation. Measure yourself properly again.

#2 Bras Might Fit You Differently Depending on the Material

Despite being the same band and cup size, a bra may fit you differently depending on the material and style. Various brands also differ in their built and sizing. So there is no such thing as one size fitting everyone. This means your measurement in a fancy satin bra might be different than your perfect fit in a cotton t-shirt bra.


Why do you need a properly fit bra?

Finding the right size of the bra isn’t just about the accuracy in the numbers. A properly fit bra, as a matter, of fact can entirely change the way a dress looks on you. Here are a few other things ensuring why you need to measure your bra properly:

#1 - A snug bra band would poke you around the ribs and may cause lasting pain in your upper back.

#2 - Ill-fitting bars ruin the overall look of a dress.

#3 - Properly fit bars enhance the natural shape of your body.

#4 - A bra, which is properly fit would give you the boost and support you require ensuring all day comfort!

The bottom line is, bra shopping is an art. A little attention to details would ensure you would never complain about a “poking” bra again.

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