How to Find Insanely Comfortable and Right Bra for Your Body Type

How to Find Insanely Comfortable and Right Bra for Your Body Type

The post-Covid fashion world has seen almost all kinds of bra jokes by now! The government imposed lockdown made a lot of women stay home, which ultimately meant that they stayed bra-free for a very long period of time. Now, that things are finally getting back in gear, or what we would call the “new normal”, one has to step out on a daily basis. Working women have to work. Stay at home mamas have to run errands. Girls have to go to school and college. And – you simply cannot go out without having the right pair of undergarments underneath your clothes.

If you are finding putting on a bra on daily basis a lot more difficult now, specially that now you are out of habit, you need to find something insanely comfortable. Look for the bras that are specifically designed for all day support and comfort. A good bra should offer the lift and support to your body it needs while enhancing the natural shape of your breasts for them to look fuller and rounder.

Trust us on this when we say that finding the right pair of bra is almost as significant as the right outfit of the day. An ill-fitting bra would completely break the look no matter how stunning your dress is. At the same time, a poorly designed bra can make your shoulders and your upper-back ach owing to the inadequate support it extends.


How to find your perfect bra?

Bra shopping, as we have already maintained needs to be taken seriously. Finding the right one for you goes beyond than just measuring your cup and band size.

Did you know all breast shapes are different and ideally each breast shape would look more enhanced in the bra, which is specifically designed for it? We bet you didn’t! A lot of women feel baffled when we first tell them about varying breast shapes and coordinating bra types. However, once you crack the code, flaunting bras all day would be no hassle. As a matter of fact you would feel more bold, confident and comfortable with a bra on rather than going without it.

So, are you ready to get into the nitty-gritty of breast shapes and suitable bras for them? Let’s proceed.


Identify Your Breast Shape and the Perfect Bra for it

#The Cousin-Sisters

Have you always been conscious about the fact that both your beasts aren’t like the identical twins? Sister, you are not alone! A careful survey conducted by a sartorial glam magazine revealed that almost 55% women have uneven breasts. For most women, the right breast is usually a little bigger than the left one. So, this is pretty normal.

The Right Bra For You: In order to make your cousin-sisters appear as twinies, choose bras with foam padding. This would ensure your breasts appear well-endowed and even.

#2 The East West Breasts

If you feel that both your breasts are pointing in different directions, get yourself a t-shirt bra with 3/4th cup coverage. A t-shirt bra is specifically designed to shape your breasts with lasting comfort.

#3 The Swooping Breasts

If you have been a nursing mom or you have lost a lot of weight, you might feel that your breasts are more fuller from the bottom with nipples pointing upwards. When you have this type of breasts, you lack volume in the upper portion and a normal bra cup would feel empty leaving you self-conscious.

The Right Bra For You: To cater this issue, go for demi cups lightly under-wired bras which would provide you a gentle push up effect. These sorts of bras would also give you a sexy cleavage if you intend to flaunt a plunging neckline.

#The Sagging Breasts

If your breasts lean downwards including your nipples, that indicates you have saggy breasts. A lot of women feel insecure when this happens. It’s not a natural breast shape but a condition where your breast tissues get loose and saggy. Wearing ill-fitting bras, nursing, menopausing, losing weight too quickly could be some of the possible reasons for it. However, there is always a way to make your girls look glam, you just have to look for the right bra.

Right Bra Shape for the Saggy Breasts: An under-wired soft cup bra would be the perfect choice for the saggy breasts. It would provide the lift and the shape required. Seamless soft cup bras also minimize the appearance of your breasts – something you would really come to appreciate when you have sagging breasts.

The bottom line is, bras are designed to provide you lasting comfort and support for an entire day not the other way around. You just have to pick one for yourself wisely to get complete benefit.


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