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Life is too short to settle for mediocre lingerie, and that's what MJ Secret believes in. Founded by two like-minded women, Michelle (Malaysia) and Xiao Jie (China), MJ Secret understands the intimate needs of women. The founders believe that every woman deserves to have a good and comfortable set of bras.

MJ Secret is on a mission to evoke confidence and individuality in every woman. We want every woman to celebrate her body!

Our Brand strives to provide high-quality bras in trendsetting designs within affordable prices. A right bra can change your world in an instant, and our bras are here to change your world for good! They will be your new everyday favorite since they are soft and constructed from lightweight and thin fabric. If you're looking for comfort, we got the answer because our bras are highly breathable. Offering a wide range of colors, designs and sourced from the best material, we want every woman to wear a fabulous bra even if they are the only person who is going to see it. Wear our bras and sing to the beauty of a female body.

We are a 100% online-based brand, making an effort to reduce expenditures such as shop rental, renovation, store fixtures, etc.


Why Us?

High Quality Product

Allow yourself to feel freedom with our basic lingerie sets which includes matching bras and panties for your essential daily wear. Made after multiple samplings and strict quality inspection, our brand promises to provide you comfort with style, assuring you unmatchable confidence and self-love. Currently, we are selling one at a time, so you choose the best piece for yourself. Our super comfortable and stylish undergarment sets are rightly priced for easy buying, making comfortable lingerie affordable.

Strict Quality Inspection
It is made sure that every product is strictly checked at the factory to avoid any inconvenience. We don’t ship unchecked products, and follow a pre shipment procedure to ensure that the best product is delivered to you. 

Honest Pricing Structure
Also, a proper cost profit breakdown is given, for you to know the cost of the product which you are purchasing. We allocate about 60- 70% of the revenue in R&D for a new range, making it better than before. For the love of romance and undying elegance we have introduced our lingerie in eye pleasing colors.

Ready Stock, Less Waiting
MJ secret only takes preorders on the products with over whelming response and prefer to sale ready stock. The products at MJ secret are made with excellent craftsmanship in different factories from China in light weight thin fabric, to provide you a diversified range of breathable undergarments and by giving you a whole new experience of affordable and comfy lingerie.